Is this is good birthday gift idea for my crush?

Okay, so it's been many years that I like this guy and for his birthday I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get him a gift card to Tim Horton's and to write him a short note and to initial it and then have one of my friends give it to him. Is this a good idea? We're in high school by the way so that's why I can't buy him like a Rolex or something lol.


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  • I suggest getting something other than a gift card, something more personal. Get him a hat. Or a travel mug. Or a tee-shirt.
    Come up with a list of things that make him unique or that you know that he likes. Does he play an instrument? Does he like computers? Is he a gearhead? What's his favorite sports team or band?
    Get him something that shows that you put some thought into it, that you got it especially for him.
    A gift card is too easy... So generic, for all he knows it was something that was given to you as a gift, but since you don't like shopping there you re-gifted it to him. Once he spends it, it's gone and forgotten before long.

    Just my opinion though


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  • Don't get him a gift card. Buy him someone more... meaningful.