GUYS why is it okay for you to see two girls but if one of the girls your seeing flirts with another guy you get angry and jealous?

Example: I'm seeing a guy who said it kills him to think of me with someone else and gets jealous if we joke about me flirting with some other guy. Yet he is allowed to see another girl? He hasn't admitted to me (he denied it when I asked) but texts and unexplained absence says different.


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  • who says it is OK for a guy to see two girls?
    that shit only happens because the girls tolerate it.


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  • Noooooo

    • :( :(

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    • The guy I'm seeing, I was sure he was dating another girl so o confronted then he said he wasn't. He then went on to say that he doesn't even want to think of me with someone else. But I'm like 98% sure he's seeing someone else anyway

    • just because he hasn't responded doesn't automatically mean he's dating some other fcker. No offense but thats pretty closed minded and ignorant on your part. you deserve whatever grief you mind is putting you through if you're going to make assumptions and come to conclusions like that. Partners aren't the only things in life. Jobs, work, studies, etc.. All take up time. Dont punish him like tht for being busy.


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  • It's a self centered view. If he doesn't want you to text or talk with anyone then he should make you and him exclusive. If he doesn't then you have no obligation to not see other people either.