Will he take me back? Please please please help!!

Okay so I met this boy, we'll call him, Stephen. So we met at a club we hung out talked and hooked up. We used to go to school with each other way back in the day so we did know each other and I had liked him for awhile. We texted every night and he was always so sweet. When we couldn't hangout he would tell me how much he would rather be with me and how much he liked me. He made me feel so special and I knew a ton of girls were jealous. People started talking saying he was a bad guy because we started dating 3 days after he broke up with his last girlfriend but I ignored it. A week later he started acting weird, he stopped texting me and writing on my Facebook wall. The next day he dumps me saying he has a lot of stuff going on and how he can't handle a relationship because he's in a lot of trouble with his rents and how we needed to take a break. It has been a month now he hasn't talked to me since and I come to find out he is not trouble at all and never was. Why would he tell me he liked me so much (and trust me he told me every 20 minutes) then dump me? He's all I think about and I don't know why. I've tried everything I can't stop liking him. Do you think he is going to take me back or is he just a waste of time?


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  • Sweetie I am sorry too say but that guy is a complete waste of time, I've never seen you or talked to you in person but you sound very sweet and I think any girl deserves better then that..A guy that shows you everything within a short amount of time of you hooking up is bad news he deffiently was not in it for the long run trust me.. move on and stay strong..

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. The boy I was talking about now has a new girlfriend. Thanks for the tips I have already started to move on.


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  • Rebound relationship, he broke up and used you for a substitute, to deal with the break up. Did he hook up with the other girl or has he moved on to someone new, could be a player. Its hard to get over someone, takes time,... not a lot you can do about it if he was really into you he would still be with you, or tried to contact you, if he hasn't he's not into you.

    • I agree it was just a rebound relationship. He now has a new girlfriend. Thank you for your answer I appreciate it(:

  • I hate to be callous, but it looks like he was using you for sex. Or at least he is super immature and doesn't really know what he wants and is playing around with you. Guy sounds really sketchy in any case. I feel for you, people (not just men) are bad to each other in terrible ways. :(

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom. I agree people are awful but, I have started to move on. Thanks a billion.

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