Is this my fault? What should I do?

This week alone has been crazy. The new guy at work told my boyfriend “I know she’s into me” he didn’t know that the guy he was telling was my boyfriend. Then the new guy invited me over his house and tried to hit on me infront of my boyfriend. The whole times he’s training with my boyfriend he's checking me out in front of my boyfriend. My boyfriend kind of just laughed I was shocked at how bold the new guy was, with him just meeting me. Then my ex boyfriend texted me Thursday basically asking me how’s life while I was with my boyfriend that was an unpleasant conversation. Then another ex boyfriend texted me Friday basically asking me the same thing” How’s life?” Are you dating?” “What’s up?” My boyfriend is looking ta me like ummm. Im just as clueless as him.

Im like what the hell is going?


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  • If he hasn't said anything or gotten mad just make sure you don't hide it and trust him to know you have no control over other people


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  • It's not your fault you're driving men wild right now... Just be flattered. Sounds like your boyfriend is confident and secure enough not to be mad at you.