How do I ask a woman straight up for a date?

Guys, imagine you just had your attention stolen by a woman who was your idea of the perfect girlfriend, and you wanted to just walk up to her and ask her out on a date,... how do these lines sound, girls?

1) "Hi, I'm <your name>," and you shake her hand "I don't mean to be forward but i think your very attractive. <Genuinely true complment here>. I was wondering if you'd like ot go for a beer?"

2) "Wow you're SO SEXY. I'd be honored if I could have your number."

If these don't soud good, please explain what I should tell her.


Most Helpful Girl

  • #1. That approach has worked for me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Both suck. I'd strongly encourage flirting slightly first.

    Look, you can't see someone and think perfect girlfriend. She could be hot. Perfect girlfriend you have to know her and how she reacts to you and how you two would fit together. So get it out of your head that she's perfect for you, because you don't know that, and acting like she is will actually make you seem creepy.

    What it is is she's strikingly pretty. And so you want to get to know her and see if she's got the personality to match.

    You're better off approaching with that in your head and saying something more like that, that suggests you want to get to know her, not just date the image of her in your head.

    You'll also get shot down if you dont' flirt first, because any girl who you think looks perfect is likely being hit on constantly.


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  • You should just start with hello... Try to talk and get to know her first. Being too forward can be a turn off.

  • go with option 1 but change beer to coffee


What Guys Said 1

  • Just walk up to her and say Hello with absolutely no expectations.

    Option 2 but rather say 'Hello, I could not help but notice you and thought id come and introduce. My name is...'

    • She can infer ftom this you find her attractive... rather thsn telling her so.