A little concerned with my girlfriend behavior, need advice?

I've already talked to her and I get the same answer, just want some honest advice.

I've been dating this girl for 3 months she's out of a 3 year relationship. 1st 2 weeks together she decided she wants to move in so I let her...

we do get along but lately we've been arguing but we've talked it out.

- this morning I saw her on her ex's twitter account. Before I accused her of anything I checked his the checked hers she was sharing stuff off his page, but she has him blocked (this isn't the first time I've caught her doing this)

- she texts him behind my back, I've witness with my own eyes. When I check her phone all the messages are deleted and she blocked his number to hide evidence.

-she always said he was abusive, ungratful of her but 3 months later she is still obsessed with him lowkey.

I've already talked to her, she says I'm the one and only, and her soul mate. if I don't believe that then I wouldn't want to move in.


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  • First off, sweetie, big Mistake to Let her... Move in so Fast. it is way too Soon from where I am sitting and Not Whistling your same Tune.
    Secondly, She has just come out of a Relationship, and it is very Ibvious, she is still Hooked on the Past that although may have not been a real Blast, she is still in love with him and has not gotten over him, and is using you for a Rebound Robert to try and Move on from him.
    I feel it is Best from the Rest to ask her to leave and try and get on the same Page, hoping there won't be any Rage. It is going to be Nothing but a Full Circle Problem Pattern down a Bad Path, more Lies and Sneaks and Peaks and End up an Unhealthy relationship in the End, where you both do not even 'End Up' being A... Friend.
    She wants to really believe in her own Heart, as from the Start, that You are 'Her soul mate.' However, the skeleton in her own closet is still rattling her chains, rattling yours and right now, the Ghost of Yesterday is the Main Drain on Both ends.
    Good luck. xx


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    she doesn't like you
    she is trying to make herself feel better through you
    she still likes the guy


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  • That's all actually very concerning. On the one hand, she was with the guy for awhile. It's hard to break away from familiarity, and maybe she just hasn't felt closure in the ending of that relationship.

    On the other hand, lying and being sneaky is not okay. I would pull her aside and tell her it's okay if she has some unresolved issues with him, but if she thinks she's your "soul mate" then she needs to be open and honest about it. If you KNOW she's lying, don't let her get away with it. Call that shit every time.

  • The problem with abusive boyfriends is that they're SO good at being controlling, it's hard to escape. Even when you're finally out of the relationship, it can be hard to let go because some part of you still wants their approval.

    There's absolutely no way that she could know you're her soul mate. You guys have been dating for three months. That's definitely enough time to start truly caring about each other, but you haven't been through enough yet to solidify your relationship. Living together is most certainly a bad idea, as you still hardly know each other. And no matter how much she's verbally denying it, she's definitely still got something for her ex. She wouldn't feel the need to text him, twitter-stalk him, or interact with him if she was completely over him.

  • She is not over her ex. The second her ex asks for her back, she is going to go back.

    Also, this woman isn't treating YOU right. You have been MORE than kind to her. You deserve someone who will put you first.

  • She's using you, you're a rebound. You're a nice guy and she clearly loves bad boys if her ex is that way. You need to kick her out. It's only a matter of time before she's back with her ex.

  • Just dump her, she wants to get back with him.

  • What exactly is you question?


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