Should I continue?

So I've been exchanging messages with this girl for months. Then a few days ago, I decided to ask her out for dinner. First, she said she bought dinner already. Then, I asked if she would be free any other day this week. She then changed her mind and decided that she could save what she got earlier and go to dinner with me. So I picked her up and we went for a drive and had a good time. Lastly, we went for a walk near where she lived where we just asked each other questions. I, obviously have a thing for her but was wondering if she felt the same way also. The moment I explained why I took her out today (because I wanted to see if there was a chance between us). She told me that she was seeing someone else and they have been talking but they're not boyfriend/girlfriends yet. So I took it all in and pretended like nothing happened. So the night ended with us giving each other a hug. I was still curious so the next day for confirmation purposes, I texted her asking her that if I asked her to be my girlfriend that night, would she have turned me down. She said yes, but not because she doesn't like me but she had already decided to give the guy she was seeing a chance. In my mind, I'm thinking why would she give me false hope from the start? She could have made an excuse to turn down the invitation to dinner. What do you guys think? Should I give up or continue pursuing? Ok, lets say I ask her on a date to dinner for the second time and she says yes. Does that change anything or indicate anything whatsoever?


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  • Be done with her. If they're not faithful during the talking they won't be in the relationship plus she sounds flaky


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  • Yup move on dude. Heck she gave you a good night hug. She is dating multiple people and taking the best ones. Don't worry about missing out she has already moved onto the next guy. Do the same and look for a new chick. PS a trick I learned from my female freinds that date online is to not wait months to ask them on a date. If you don't ask them out within two months you have missed your opportunity with them.