Was he in it for sex? He doesn't want to "be friends" or talk to me anymore since I told him I can't return the same feelings.. Isn't that low?

I've been talking to this guy at my college for a month now; were juniors. Our personalities and interests overlap and are just quite similar. We shared quite a bit. The following 2 weeks we met up every day and hung out for hours and hours. We had made out every other day or so, and we got to feelin each other up, but I told him I did not want to have sex bc I was recently hurt by a guy I continuously slept with.

I can't tell if he's just using me. I know guys desire me sexually, because... Well I am aware I have a nice figure and face and I just have guys after me quite a bit. He isn't the player type, he's shy and quiet but I'm still unsure. He bought me flowers a couple times, would bring me coffee, drew for me twice... Yet, when I said I wanted to take things slow, he'd say okay but then continued to take it further and further each time we were together. He'd apologize when I would tell him to stop, but it got to the point where I realized I didn't feel that same desire. I had told him this and he was like "then just be my friend" yet he would still make sexual advances. & when I told him I had recently slept with and still had feelings for me ex-sex bud, he continued to try to get with me. I had to tell him "no" one night and he was quite upset.

I finally told him I can't return the feelings and he basically said goodbye. He doesn't talk to me anymore. I get it yet I don't. If he cares for me and likes me as a friend as much as he says he does, then shouldn't just hanging out be enough (without any sexual shit)? As if, without the sex, I'm not anything. He told me he never felt this way before, I changed his life, he was so lonely, etc.. Feels like a line to get in my pants, no?


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  • He obviously doesn't like you as a friend. In the back of his mind, he was expecting sex from you.


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  • Yea. He feels the same way. Without the sex he isn't anything to you.

    • By we've only known each other for 3/4 weeks... Shouldn't he respect that because I just ended a toxic thing with a guy that I'd want to take it slower and not jump into bed?

    • I would hope he would understand that. But you said you told him it just was never going to happen.

  • duh...


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