I got a stranger into trouble then realized I have a crush on him?

guys i need your help so so bad i had a huge fight with my ex if you want to know that story go check out my previous question anyway i was steel upset about that and yesterday when i was leaving school some guy started grabbing my hair then he pushed me so i yelled at him then he said he's gonna beat me and then he started cussing and it went crazy anyways when we get back to school i told the principal about and he told him to get his parents. when i was leaving. he's class whas next to mine i gave my note to a friend that was his classmate while waiting for her to get it back he got out and i hided behind my friends she came and give me the note and told me that he won't hurt me then he's friend come and told me that i shouldn't tell the principal about it and that i don't know what happened to his family i'm like he grabbed my hair and cussed. so then he apologized then his friend told to give my phone number lol i told the principale that i forgave him and it was crazy now i have a huge crush on him what to do


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  • If a guy is willing to get violent and physical with you he is not worth it. You did the right thing by telling the principle. You deserve a guy that will fight for you not with you


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  • I definitely wouldn't go after a guy like that. He was probably just apologising to cover his ass and aggressive guys are always a bad idea. At your age I probably wouldn't suggest dating at all, it's much better to focus on enjoying yourself, strengthening friendships and succeeding in studies than fucking around with relationships that most likely won't last anyway.

  • He pulled your hair and pushed you and now you like him honestly i feel bad for you being as stupid as you are must really cause problems

    • he APOLOGIZE and the classmate told me that he liked me it was a FLIRT GONE WRONG either you awnser the question or dont bother reading it

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    • and i should just hide my feelings?

    • Do what you want but youve been warned if you start dating him dont look shocked if he hits you and you got nobody to blame if you end up with a boyfriend whos dumb as dogshit

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