How do I stop it?

My best friend constantly flirts with my boyfriend and im really starting to get pissed. Im not typically the type of person who calls people out on things so i dont know what to do. She flirts with pretty much every guy but you would think that she would have some respect for me. I dont want to see like an over protective bitch because i dont mind that they are friends just the flirting needs to stop. Should i just let it go or confront them?


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  • Well... if your boyfriend is loyal to you, he'll ignore her and not flirt back. So as long as he isn't flirting too, you have no cause for concern. She'll stop when she realises that her efforts are going waste.

    • the thing that really bothers me tho is that he does flirt back but i don't think he realizes it. I think he thinks he's just being friendly

    • See? It takes two to tango. Just because he is your boyfriend, you are defending his actions. Of course he realises, but he still does it. Both him and your friend are equally at fault here.

      You need to sit down with both of them separately, and have a talk about this.

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  • She probably doesn't even realise her behavior is seen as flirting. I joke around a lot with people and like teasing, although I usually don't mean anything by it.

    If you want her to stop, tell her. She won't stop doing it if she doesn't even know she's doing something wrong and you can't really blame her for that.


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  • Confront them

  • tell her. if she's actually your friend, she will stop.