Relationship progress?

So me and this guy have been friends for maybe 6 months and on and off flirting and drunk hookups, never had sex though. Anyways he knows I like him and I have been told by my friends that he likes me but he becomes distant sometimes and has pushed me away so many times that I have tried to get somewhere with him, he has said he's scared of getting messed around to my friends and I just don't know what to do. I think I should talk to him in person but I don't know what to say, any ideas? I'm just feeling quite helpless at the moment.


What Guys Said 1

  • im sure that he's only interesting in being friends only with you, thats why he said that he's scared of getting messed around to my friends, but if you still like him and want him then talk with him when he's alone and tell him that you like him and you want to be with him


What Girls Said 2

  • It sounds like he's scared of committing to a serious relationship. I'd give him time to process his thoughts. If he really likes you, he'll come around to the idea. Some guys (and girls) are just freaked out thinking about long term stuff.

  • 1 Why are you getting drunk at 19,
    2 WTF is a "sexless" hookup?

    • I live in Australia legal drinking age is 18.
      By hook up I mean kissing and everything happens except for sex.

    • Gotcha. "Hookup" here implies random sex with no commitment.