How do I become content with being single and happy?

A;; my life i have been through hell in realtionships and tend to jump into them fairly quickly. I can't help but get depressed about the thought of being alone and it's like an intense high being with someone and feeling cared about. I have a great family and friends, but somehow i always feel like i need a boyfriend! It's really bothered me and i wondered iif anyone out there has any good advice for me and staying single...


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  • I was single for a long time before my boyfriend. I can tell you that there's no reason to feel like you can't be complete without a partner. It's a nice to have but the time spent single is when you have a shot at really improving yourself, getting to know yourself and really being able to focus on you and loving yourself. There's something beautiful about someone being self sufficient and being happy on their own. You don't need a boyfriend to be happy. You just need yourself. Everything WILL fall in place by itself. Just believe this, push through each day and love yourself!


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  • Think of it like this: You'll never be able to say "me" anymore, it's always "us". You're 20 right? You might want to move in, meaning sharing money and food, food YOU might have to cook for him. Then you have sex and BOOM, pregnant. Too much can go wrong, then he stops loving you and leaves you. Being independent if fun.


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  • that's because you're not happy with yourself.. that's why you feel like you need someone to be happy.. you need to find other aims and goals