Is there any way to get out of the "friendzone"?

No joke. I think I am out of the friend zone. She just said that she was interested in me romantically. Thanks for all of the opinions.
Okay. Never mind. She was playing a cruel joke on me :(.


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  • You ask this as if there is an answer for all situations. It depends on the situation at hand. If there girl just isn't interested... then sorry man. She's not interested D:

    • She didn't exactly say she wasn't interested, she just said she wanted us to be friends. Okay, what am I saying, I guess your right. :( Thanks for opinion.

    • @Asker Awe. There's always more people out there, keep your chin up!

    • The situation was kind of complicated. She had a crush on me and I had one on her, but we weren't really connecting. In the end she said she couldn't be with me, and so now I am her friend exclusively. Actually its more like pen pal now, as we only talk through email.

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