A guy who I crush on ask me to buy bracelet for him ! What does it mean?

We are living in the different countries. We are friends. I used to confess my feeling to him and he said that he had a bit feeling for me while we were staying together but he didn't want to have a serious relationship with anyone because of ex-relationship. One day he told me that his old bracelet was broke ! Could u buy a new one for me? I will wear it all time :) What does it mean? Because for me and my culture giving a jewelry things mean remindind or owning each other.

Thank you for answering !


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  • Buy him one own him and if he steps out of line ! Punish him lol


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What Girls Said 1

  • I would be extremely wary of him to be honest.

    • Thanks for ur opinion ! I've been friend with him quite long time. before confession he's very nice, never molest to me even he has a chance, after as well. so no need to wary about him ;)