Girls, how often do you want your guy to call you?

Alright ladies, here's a fun one.

How often do you want your guys calling you? I've had girls who specifically asked me to call them every day or others say any more than once every 3+ days is clingy. So what do you think and why? I've also had girls who would tell me once a day and then saying I was calling too often (what they asked) or girls who said once every few days and got upset that I didn't call them enough (once every 3 days or so). Any idea on why that is?

  • Vote A One or more times a day.
  • Vote B Once every 2-3 days.
  • Vote C Once every 4-5 days.
  • Vote D Once every 6 days.
  • Vote E Once every 7or more days.
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Ok, maybe I should have been more specific. How many times do you want him calling you if he doesn't text, or doesn't have it, and doesn't see you more than 2 times a week or just on weekends?


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  • It depends, some girls are clingy, some are independent.

    Personally, if I'm only gonna see him on the weekends, then once a week would be good enough. If he wants to talk/has something he wants to talk about that's great. If not, then you shouldn't feel obligated to call. That's ridiculous. Besides, if it was a real booming relationship, then I'm sure either party will call each other without having it be an obligation.

    If you're planning to meet them or there's something important going on then a call would be nice.

    But since when is it that calling each other were obligations. If you're too busy or whatnot, then don't call I say. But it wouldn't get to the point of guys trying to figure out how often to call a girl because it should be out of your own will and that goes for each party.

    PLUS girls need to stop being so damn controlling and clingy.

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      I don't agree that girls are considered clingy or controlling if they enjoy hearing from their man at least once a day. Communication is very imp in a relationship. Keeping each other updated on what happened during the day, etc, is only a small part on getting to know each other, and growing as a couple.

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      Yes, but if a woman has to nag her significant other for this, why is there even a relationship to begin with. My point is it always ends up the woman nagging or complaining about a guy. If the guy doesn't even feel the need to call or whatnot, why are they in a relationship.

      Plus, some people prefer more independent styles of relationships.

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      That was funny - lol!