After our talk yesterday, I haven't heard from him today. Should I call him tonight or just wait for him to call?

My boyfriend and I dare in our late 20's and we have dated for 4 years. We didn't talk to each other for 3 weeks after an argument we had. I ended up calling him yesterday and our problem is communication. I told him that I'm going to work on communicating wya better and dealing with situation differently when I get mad. He's just frustrated at our relationship and said that he doesn't know if he even wants this relationship anymore or if we should just be friends.. because we've dated each other for 4 years now so we shoud be passed this stage. He said he's looking at th bigger picture (marriage), and we should be going long periods of time without talking to each other anymore. In the past, we've went 1 to 2 weeks without talking to each other after our arguments but this hasn't happened in a while. I told him that i'm willing to work on this and at the end of the conversation he said that he would take my word for it. So in my head, we're going to try to work through our problems and we're still together, but I haven't heard from him all day. I'm wondering if i should call him or just leave him alone and wait to see if he calls? I don't want to call him if he's still feeling distant towards this relationship... thoughts?


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  • He already wants out. It's over and you will never "be friends"


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  • This is a tough one. I would usually say give him his space until he calls you so he can cool off, but he is specifically telling you that he dislikes how long you go without talking. He is saying that is a problem for him. And based on how that conversation ended I think he might be waiting to see if you follow through.

    You could always try a "how was your day" call...