I asked her out and she's gone quiet?

So I been talking to this girl online back and forth for a few weeks. She normally replies with an hour. I asked her out for lunch and she's gone all quiet on me. It's been a day now. Not long I know but after replying quite quick this seems out of the ordinary. Should I assume she's not interested?


What Girls Said 1

  • Dude did you ever see her in person? she's probably not interested in ever meeting you for real. Maybe a catfish?

    • No dude I didn't, that's why I asked her to meet. Don't see how I could ever meet her in person, if I never ask her to meet.

What Guys Said 1

  • Wellc so you meet hey online and started taking to her.. Her replies take an hour and she didn't know you. . and you asked her out too soon... So yea you fucked up...

    • I asked her too soon? Fair enough I thought it was the right time. I wouldn't say I fucked up, just she's not ready. Next...

    • Week did she contact you since she started ignoring you?