What are your "Rules" for dating etiquette? TIME?

Just curious to see how/if people differ in dating rules... this one will be for time elapsed between invitations

  • I have no rules when it comes to time elapsed in between invitations. I'll invite anyone anytime I feel like it What are your
    64% (16)66% (19)65% (35)Vote
  • When there's no committed relationship (gf/bf) I would say at least 5+ days What are your
    12% (3)10% (3)11% (6)Vote
  • At least 5 days +no weekendsWhat are your
    4% (1)7% (2)6% (3)Vote
  • OtherWhat are your
    20% (5)17% (5)18% (10)Vote
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  • Note: I voted A, anytime. Maybe it is obvious that I have more time on my hands than others.