PLEASE HELP: I don't know what to do?

My best friend Lauren is dating this guy called Kyle and she loves him. At first I thought he was a great guy but I then saw him with another girl at his house flirting with her and telling her he loves her. I recorded everything with my phone so I could show it to Lauren. The girl came out of the house and i confronted her telling her that Kyle is a player who is dating my best friend and you at the same time. She did not believe me. When I went to Lauren home apparently she had to go to Spain because her grandma is in hospital. I tried to contact her but she did not answer. Three days later Kyle texted me to come and meet him. I thought I go and confront this jerk. When I got there all of his house was filled of pictures of me and he then took my phone out of the hand and pushed me on his bed. He deleted the proof I had against me and he started to touch me then Lauren came and she slapped me on my face saying I am a slut and I tried to hit on Kyle. Two minutes later Lauren leaves I call for her that this us not true that's when I relised that he set me up. Next day when i tried to contact lauren she was not answering i then went to her house and asked her mom where is she and her mum was crying saying she ran away with kyle. I don't know what to do not only is he using Lauren and the other girl he also has pictures of me and he now is with Lauren god knows where


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  • Lauren may be your friend, but she needs to make her own mistakes. You can give her information, but what she does with that is up to her.

    Sometimes it can be very hard when someone we care about is making decisions that we know are not in their best interest. Hopefully she'll learn from this experience and be a better judge of friends and men when her r/ship with Kyle goes as you expect.

    What should you do? The best you can do for her is to be her friend again when she comes back.

  • If he touched you, you have to tell your parents or an authority, that is not right and i hope you are okay, that will sort out all that drama too at once.


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