Should I ask her out again?

I have known this girl for a awhile now we had class together. We always talked and she was always interested in talking to me. She opened up to me and always would tell me about her life; we talked about relationships, family and such. Like an idiot I really did not make a move on her, because it really did not feel right to me. It seemed like we more like friends. Which is fine, but lately (ever since classes end) I felt like I really missed a good opportunity, and now might just be the best time.

So I texted her and after a good conversation I asked her to go out for a drink the day after and she said she wanted to but had legitimate excuse and apologized, but she did not let me know if she wanted to meet some other time. Which might be because she does get a nervous around guys, and does expect the guy to make the move. That why I am little confused, should I have made another suggestion.

Now Im not really sure what to do. Maybe I should have reacted differently. When she said no I just said "some other time than" and expressed my disappointment in a joke (it was not obvious that I was disappointment). She reacted to the joke in a cute way. We continued to talk for a bit, it was normal no awkwardness or anything. I dont know if she really took it seriously. I think the fact that she is a good friend really threw me off.

Maybe I am just over thinking this but I really don't want screw this up, she is a really great girl. I was thinking about asking her out again next week, in like a casual famous. I don't mind going out as friends, it makes it easier to express my feeling when we are alone. So what do I do?

I would love some advice let me know what you all think. Thanks :)


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  • Ask her out but not in a formal way, we're not in the 50s anymore. Be real casual and just ask if she wants to grab a cup of coffee

  • nope