My crush and I have been hanging out for a while, but he hasn't made the first move. Also is it dating or talking?

My crush and I have been hanging out lately, like movies, food and drinks. Also, we been texting too. I feel like he is Interested in me, but I could be wrong because he is a really nice guy, a gentleman (paying for everything, and opening doors even the car door and walking me to my apartment) we been friends/coworkers before we hung out for the first time. Should I make the first move and tell him I like him or just go in for a kiss after we hung out?


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  • Go for the kiss


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  • Is he being flirtatious at all? If he is spending a lot of time with you and texting you then he is definitely interested. In my experience it can take some guys a long time to make a move. I don't envy them for having that on their shoulders, I can never make the first move!!! Yeah, I say go for it if you can do it otherwise make it very obvious that you are interested and he won't get rejected if he does.