What to teenaged girls look for in a guy? Is it really worth my time?

I'm 17 if that helps. I think girls around me are too superficial so far, or I just haven't found the right one. What do people my age look for?


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  • I'm 19 and in all honesty, it's all about how you carry yourself. Everyone is a little superficial at heart. That just means that we want someone who cares about how they look (showers and brushing teeth are always a plus) and how they act (acting 17 is fine, but not 13). Also confidence is a major plus. If you are always complaining about yourself and you flaws, you are more likely to make her see them as well rather than gain a sympathetic ear.

    • Interesting take on it!


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  • Fuckboys! lol Muscle, soft eyes, nice clothes, statues...


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