A girl I've been datings response to my text?

I been dating a girl for a few months, I've had a week off work & I've been pretty bored, my mates are at work so I've struggled to fill my days.

She asked me what id been upto today, and I said I've just been out to buy my dad his birthday present and she said "Wow, exciting" I know she was being sarcastic.

So, yes I could be more interesting, but was there any need for her to say that? Its not as if I've been drinking all day or doing drugs.

Is this a sign that I'm not interesting or exciting enough for her?, what can you do to make yourself more interesting lol.


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  • Why do you think she was being sarcastic? And why do you have to take it so negatively lol.. just brush it off. First of all, I don't even think she was being sarcastic. She might have just not known what to say and been like oh that's cool. And if she was being sarcastic you can just be like "haha yea sorry, nothing too interesting today. how was your day?" and keep it going.


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  • Dude, you are seriously overthinking this and suspect your own boredom and lack of activity are more concerning to you than her.

    • Fair point, obviously she is interested in me, but dont girls like guys who have plenty things going on? Stuff to talk about, like im doing this or doing that etc? Basically someone whos interesting & not boring?

    • Well sure when it comes to talking to or texting a girl, you need to have something to talk about or the "hey", "what's up", "how's it going" lines don't really have anywhere to go.

  • It's hard to read someones intention through text.
    Maybe she didn't mean it in a sarcastic way but shows actually interest in a part of your life ( family) to actually get closer.


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