Does asking someone out worry/scare you?

As the question states, how do you normally feel about asking someone out on a date?

Usually I am very calm and relaxed doing it. I don't EVER plan to ask her out at a specific time or place. It seems to come as a surprise to me just as much as it does to her. Helps to cut down on the stress and it's easier to recover from if she says no.

  • Yes, I always freak out!
    29% (5)50% (2)33% (7)Vote
  • No, I always keep my cool!
    18% (3)25% (1)19% (4)Vote
  • Depends...
    18% (3)0% (0)14% (3)Vote
  • I wouldn't know, never asked anyone out.
    35% (6)25% (1)34% (7)Vote
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  • Yes, because I've never asked anyone out, because I get nervous and overthink it.

  • No 💁🏻