I like my best friend?

So this is probably very common:

my best friend (guy) and i used to date in the sixth grade so just a child crush but now we are super close. For example tonight i had a panic attack and i called him and he was there to relax me. I feel like not many people have these kinds of relationships with friends of the different gender so i feel very lucky. My problem is, since he is so sweet i have started to like him. Problem #2 he used to like me but i kinda regected him and now he likes a friend of mine. What do i do?


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  • Pfft, tell him you like him. Whats the issue?


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  • Tell him you like him. It could be an amazing relationship.


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  • Well, that's good to know that your friendship is going very good. However given your situation you can do two things:

    1. You should just express yourself to him, tell him upfront that you like him. Don't expect any reaction, don't expect anything in return, just tell him that. At least it will give you a satisfaction that you told him.

    2. You can keep that feeling to yourself, now that you know he likes your friend, you can be happy for him.

  • Well, you kinda start flirting with him.
    I mean when you where younger you did something that worked why not do iit again?

    • well.. When we were younger it was one of those relationships where we never talk and only chat online (sad i know) but i think thats what got us closer now. If he hadn't asked me out we would probs not be friends now

    • Try bringing back up things you used to say or do.
      In general spend more time around him, maybe say something he used to find funny.
      But don't be to obviouse about it, because when you do something, we will lie in our bed thinking about why you did it. Our thoughts like to wander..

  • Usually 'liking best friend' cases are pretty complicated. Yours is pretty easy and mostly straight-forward. Just tell him that you like him!


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