When is a good time to tell a guy that you like him?

I recently got in contact with a guy I went to high school with. In high school I had a crush on him. I always thought he was cute but I never spoke to him I just saw him in the hallways etc. I think I had a class or two with him as well. But back then I was too shy to ever talk to guys. I saw him on Facebook recently and I reached out to him. It was simple conversation. He gave me his number and told me if I ever wanted to see the town to let him know. We've been texting for 2 days now. I have not told him about my high school crush on him. I didn't know if it was too soon to say something like that. I don't want to scare him away. I do want to get to know him better though to see if he is someone who I could possibly date. I don't know if he has a girlfriendor not. His Facebook says single and the last picture he posted with a girl was may or June 2015. When do you tell a guy that you like him? Or is it too soon to even know if you like a person yet?


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  • Wait until after the first time you go out together. He may have changed since high school so you can't be sure. Also, after you've hung out, he will have a better idea of if he likes you, so he won't feel as pressured by you liking him.

    • That sounds like a good plan. I should probably wait until I hang with him in person a couple times first. Should I ask to hang out with him or should I wait for him to ask me?

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    • ☺ ok I definitely will. I'm kind of nervous and shy but I'm gonna do it hehe

    • Good for you! :) If you are nervous and shy it will mean even more to him that you were willing to ask him :)

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  • Do it as soon as possible.