Guys, is he interested in me or am I like every other girl?

There is a guy at school that I find very attractive. I did date his best friend for about 3 weeks and the relationship was a total joke, we never hung out or anything. Would he maybe not ask me out because I am his best friend's ex? He seems to be a fuckboy because he flirts with a lot of girls I feel like. When we are in a small group he focused on me, in the class we have together he usually focuses on me. I am not sure how to know for sure if he is especially interested in me, or if he is just flirting with me like he does every other girl. He has called me cute on multiple occasions and when we are with our study group it seems like he finds every excuse to touch me or hold my hand or something. I'm not sure if he's actually interested or if he's just being extra interested because there aren't many other people around.

And no we aren't like 14. We are juniors in high school lol
He was in a relationship with a girl at the school for a few months, he is capable of being faithful and having a relationship. He's just a guy that flirts but when he was dating her he made it clear he was with her, he's not like a man whore i guess if that's what I'm implying here. I'd like to see where this goes with him because I'm ready to actually be able to have a guy take me out on dates, which he did with the other girl, rather than a guy just wanting to make out only my couch like ever


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  • So you want to be in a relationship with someone that flirts with everyone else? Do you care if he is committed to you or are you willing to let him date other girls while he is with you?
    By the way, you are exhibiting some normal female behavior, so I'm not faulting you... just want you to think a little more rather than go on your feelings. Most women want the one guy that all the other girls want.

    Its hard to say, he is just playing the field. Ask him if that is what you really want.

  • Here's a revelation! Ask him! If he is into you, he will tell you, I do believe! Especially if you ask him directly, allow him no wiggle room! And if not then you might as well get on with finding the next guy and get over him, wouldn't you agree?