Guys: What do I do to make him get it? This is getting ridiculous.

I like this guy, I haven't known him long but so far he's good. He doesn't usually talk to people he doesn't know, but I started kinda talking to him at school...No big deal. But, when I talk to him on MySpace or Facebook I get nothing back. NOTHING.

I messaged him my number on Facebook after school one day on a "be brave" spur of confidence and never got a text.


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  • Maybe he was busy, maybe heisnt interested, could be anything ask him in person why if you see him like you meany etc...


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  • If you're not flirting with him, then it's quite possible he has no idea that you're actually interested. Also, it's possible that he's not interested.

    • Im thinking he's not interrested ( ithink that's kinda dumb) because when I talked to him last he was acting very stuck up, made me think twice on weather I like him or not...

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  • sometimes guys don't look at their chats! ohh and he might be on his ipod touch so he can't see the messages1

    • He hast an iphone....can you see your messages on that?