I'm jealous of boyfriend's female friends?

Helppp :( I know this is bad and I try not to be jealous or insecure but I hate seeing my boyfriend around his female friends, especially when he hugs them when he sees them. He gets Facebook messages from female friends who I don't know as well. I don't think he is cheating cos he calls me every night before bed and every week we have sleepovers for 2 nights, hang out all day as they're my off-work days.
He's not secretive with his phone and I know his password and stuff.
He doesn't want me hanging out with his friends because he doesn't want to give his all in the relationship in case it ends but I can tell from his actions that he really likes me, I've met his family/cousins and they're cool.
Soooo what do I do about his girlfriends? I don't know if they flirt with him or like him etc


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  • He's with you, not them so there's no need to be jealous.


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  • Just dont pay attention to them, he chose you over them
    If they are a little too touchy and flirty, let your boyfriend know it makes you feel uncomfortable.


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  • I can be very jealous too and have worked on that, or at least worked on hiding it completely. There are scenarios where it is reasonable to get jealous and I think it is good if people care enough to get jealous if a line if crossed. Unfortunately, if he had these female friends before he met you, that is perfectly acceptable and you have to deal with it. He is only friends with them and has been for a reason. You can't get jealous over hugs, it is just a hug!! Also, I have guy friends that I message on FB and it is just me messaging my friends, nothing more, I would feel bad if it made their significant other jealous but if they know me and know we are just friends then they also have to get over it because they are my friends and I am not going anywhere. So you have to let that go, they are just friends and I doubt they like him like that. How long have you been dating? I would press the issue of him not introducing you to his friends. This is a major step in a relationship but one that he should take if he is serious about you. He will want to show you off to everyone in your life. I am seeing someone and I overanalyze things a lot so I have been googling and asking people questions and the topic of him introducing you to his friends is a big one! If it hasn't been super long don't worry about it, but eventually he better!

  • You have to just trust him. I was feeling jealous because my boyfriend wanted to know if I was okay with him living with her female friend for 4 months and I was gonna say no but then I realized if I moved in with my guy best friend nothing would happen between us and it would just be us having fun and being friends and I had to realize it was the same for him

    • Thanks for your comment! Wowwww I wouldn't be able to do it if he lived with his female friend for even a week!! Would be too stressful cos I would see myself imagining all sorts of scenarios. Seems like u and ur boyfriend have a really high level of trust <3

  • Talk to him about it hun talking can help solve problems but you just can't be like you can never talk to a girl but me that's just crazy and you will never get a guy to stay with u

  • The thing is, do you truly trust him? I believe as long as he isn't doing something he shouldn't, there wouldn't be a reason for you to worry. I know a guy like that who is very outgoing and can have a conversation with everyone! So of course he has many guy and lady friends, but he also is one of the most respectful and smart guy I know. If you trust your man, don't worry!