Does she like me if she says yes to my invitation on lunch? please read the story?

i got paired up with a girl in muay thai, i found her attractive so i iniated few conversation, i asked a question she responded it with the same, sample "which school do you go?" she then asked me the same, she didn't smile that much but still

next training session: i really find her attractive so i try hard as i can to get to talk to her, so i saw her and then i asked her "your name is... right?" she said yes, and then i asked her if she wanted to pair up again. she was more comfortable and we both smiled and we made some kind of eye contact

next training session; i told her do you wanna pair up again? she said yes, and now we both complimented eachother kicks and boxes, we both smiled and made some kind of joke, sample: i said ladies first, i wanted her to start with the kicks and she responded, age before beuty lol at the end of this session i told her which days do you go training on, she then asked me the same question.

NOW for the real question; this Sunday we will have our training session at 10:00 Am in the morning and it will end at 11;30, i will try to get pair up with her, and after our trainign session i will try to ask her if she wants to eat lunch with me, if she says YES does that mean she is intrested in me or just maybe as a friend?


What Girls Said 2

  • too early to tell. usually it's a good sign, but just because you guys are sparring partners doesn't mean she sees you as anything more right now.

  • If she says yes, if course it means she is interested with u or... wants to give u a chance to get to know each other.


What Guys Said 1

  • Good job!
    From what u said it looks like she is a woman who slowly opens up to men thatmeans u gottaearn her trust first.. Which u did i guess.
    Yeah ask her out, and tell her you're interested in her romantically and not friends... Be clear with your intentions..
    Say something like... 'hey i really find u cute, when r u free for lunch?'
    If she says no, walk away and never talk to this woman again, if she says yes, that means she is ready...
    At the end of the date, go for the kiss if she gives u her cheek refuse her... cheek means friends... Walk away still..