If a guy has reached the age of 26?

If a guy has reached the age of 26

And still has no girlfriend should he just treat his love life like its dead and gone forever

Thanks for opinions


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  • no it doesn't mean its gone forever, you still have a perfectly good chance in finding someone special. its just rare to see someone who's 26 and still hasn't been in a relationship, but its not bizarre or weird in any way

    • Well I'm thinking of doing this if I close the door on that part of my life maybe I will stop hurting cause when I see couples hold hands and kiss I wanna cry. I feel like somehow I don't deserve it or I will never experience that so I'm treating love like a addiction that you overcome

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    • I also offer nothing to a women financially I'm 24 and just starting community college I have no drivers license or car and I have worked a part time retail job for 3 years

    • I have been told by family members I'm repulsive some people nicknamed me caveman


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  • That man needs major philosophical and psychological change in his life. Humans have free will; so, it is possible. But, the older one gets, the harder it becomes.

    I would be very surprised indeed, if he were to become truly successful with women.

    Many women settle, starting in their late twenties. So, this man may get a girlfriend. But, I think that it is very unlikely that women will ever truly find him attractive.

    • Ok so I'm now 26 I'm actually 24 I'm really scared though

  • It means he should take it seriously and seek help.

    • Just going to school and getting a good job, hoping girls come around when you're 30 "might" get you a girl. But Goodluck suffering for the next 4 years

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    • Not that I noticed, but I didn't look. If you look up his page you can find more. Has plenty of videos up. But that video is the basis for everything.

    • Well I'm actually 24

  • Sometimes they like you but are already taken 💙

    • What do you mean?

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    • No I haven't even that would be welcomed at this point just something that makes me feel like I exist to women

    • Just the feeling of knowing a women actually cheated on me