Girls, How Open/honest to be when in a Distant Relationship?

I've been chatting with a gal in another country for several months. I said up front and repeated that nothing is real until we meet and see if there is chemistry. I'm working on visiting her because she is interesting and attractive. All the conversations are fun and playful and we like each other. We talk at times, chat daily.

I'm not going to commit to someone who I haven't met so I continue dating until I find someone that I have met and will commit to. I'm only looking for one girl, so when I date, I'm getting to know them and trying to figure out if it is a good fit. else I move on.

So, question is, how open should I be with the Distant girl in the other country that I am dating others. It is understood that it is ok to date others if she/I want, but should I tell her that I'm on dates and how it went? I want to be respectful of her feelings.

My assumption is not to share much of other dates or not to share any details, like if I had a good date or such or I'm going out with someone new... etc.. I think that just create problems. But she always asks what I'm doing. In other words, I'm looking for womens help in setting good boundaries to best protect her. Can women who are monogomous help me understand how they would want to be treated in this scenario?

I've never had a long distance chat relationship, is new to me.


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  • Well you said you are a man of integrity. Be upfront and honest. You can tell her that you are casually dating but not go into details. Tell her that you dont mind having a committed relationship but it can only be done with someone who is in the same state.


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  • If you're not together and are monogamous, you just need to be clear on that. Don't tell her 'hey I'm going on a date tonight' or give her any details. That's not something she needs to know. If it was me? I wouldn't want to know that. Just be honest that you're both free to see other people, you don't have to tell her when you are/have been actually physically with another people or on dates and stuff.