Is she a rebound? What is his deal??

I was dating this guy for over 6 years. We had a lot in common, but we usually fought because he would go out all night with his friends and not come home (stuff like that). He never would let me move in with him, always kept his phone locked etc etc. So, I kind of expected that he was cheating on me. But, because we got along so well and almost seemed like best friends I just turned the other way. However, last year he gave me an std. Of course he tried to blame it on me... but I knew that was impossible. Anyways, I broke up with him. He begged and pleaded that I not leave for months on end and then all of a sudden he said he couldn't be alone and started dating this young naive poptart... she moved in and has been living with him since they started dating (even though he wouldn't live with me after such a long time), and went traveling to places that I had begged him to go to. He does all the things that I wanted with her. It almost seems like he is trying to make me jealous or rub it in my face. The thing is, he has told me he misses me, makes excuses to call me and won't let me get off the phone etc. I recently saw him at a get together for a mutual friend (he didn't bring her of course), and he was following me around everywhere (people were making remarks like OOOoooo) and then he laid on the couch and I sat on his lap and we talked a bit and after quite a few glasses of wine, I think that we may have kissed : ( They have been together for about 7 months now. I am wondering is she a rebound? Why is he doing all the things I wanted with her? And, why is he moving SO fast into this relationship? Do you think they will last? No matter what I will always love him even though he is a filthy mutt. I hate myself for it!


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  • Yep rebound relationship substitue for all the feelings of your relationship, maybe he is trying to make you jealous, he made sure you found out. Maybe it will maybe it won't maybe you need to move on and meet someone else, he thinks he can cheat on you and get away with it, just have and open relationship if that's what you want heck why don't the 3 of you shack up, maybe that will keep him happy, maybe he will keep cheating..

    • Thanks, I like it from a guys point of view because I don't know what you people think like!!

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  • This seems very complicated, I think if you get back together he will fAll bak into old ways. Don't pik up his calls, I kno it's one of the hardest things but he took you for granted and doesn't deserve a second chance. You could do so much better than a comitment fobe that doesn't realize how good he's got it, go out to a place were nice guys hang out or meet new ppl, just put yourself out there and move on

    • I know, it's just when he calls we have such wicked conversations! I miss him as a friend!