Why does he call but rarely text?

I'm just getting into a long distance relationship. It's not "official", but definitely close. We're very close friends, but we're also more. We are still teenagers if that makes a difference. He isn't much of a techie, he doesn't use his iPad much. However, he used to have these really long conversations over text with me. Then we started to call each other. (We did before but that stopped when we started texting). It picked up to where it is now; we call each other (usually he calls me) once a week or so. However, when I text him, it often takes him a day or more to reply, sometimes a few days to just read it! Why?


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  • Maybe he found another... For your sake I hope not...

    • Well, but he always calls me. He calls very often. It's just the texting that slowed down. Everything else increased. the attraction, the flirting, the calls, etc. He even let me go on his iPad and I know for a fact that there's not another girl he texts.

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    • He allows me to go on his iPad so I know for a fact he doesn't text any other girls.

    • He just likes talking then...

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  • Maybe because he hates texting?