Do I ask my ex boyfriend out?

I wouldn't even consider him my ex boyfriend but a guy i had a thing with for a few months (probably my favorite few months ever with a guy, he was so polite and treated me so nicely, we went out on a lot of fun dates and just hungout)... at first i was heartbroken when he stopped talking to me for no reason and so suddenly but a few months (maybe 4) have passed and now i feel things are back how they were before we started going out (which i like)... he is still very flirty and even casually asked me to hangout one night but i declined since it was so last minute... he randomly texted me about something from the past when we went out (a memory i suppose) which made me happy, i didn't answer and a few days later he brought it up talking about it asking if i got his text (which i didn't respond to) and was just talking about it (i guess im trying to play hard to get)... i want to ask him to go to a concert from a band we both really like but not sure if i should or not? i see him a lot which makes it hard to get over him i really want to ask him but feel it could be a mistake... and im not exactly looking to get back with him but i just miss hanging out and catching up like we use too, so im not looking for a relationship out of it (even though i feel i would if he wanted it) but to just hangout outside of school one more time before summer break. any imput would be appreciated also if you think i should go for it how/when to ask or approach the topic of going out? through text or one day before or after school? thanks in advance


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  • Yeah just ask him to the concert. just when you guys are together just casually bring it up like " so have you heard the blah blah band is in town. Wanna go to the concert with me? " or " I have a spare ticket for this concert, you wanna go with me?" Just be confident and be yourself. If he reject it don't take it personally and just remember it's his loss.