Would you date a guy who had a girlfriend when you met him a year ago, but then later he started to like you?

And he broke up with his girlfriend?

I'm just asking because personally I find it annoying. You were with another women so you clearly chose her over me and now you just expect to get with me? WTF? Or am I being a crazy bitch?


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  • I would be flattered of course but if he would leave his girlfriend for me then he would certainly leave me for someone else.

    • i don't really know the situation because i don't talk to him all that much actually. i'm just assuming they broke up. but from what i've seen he has a huge crush on me.

    • You could always go for it or even ask his relationship status and why they broke up but I would always be a nervous or concerned I guess about what our future could be down the line and when other girls come into play.

  • Just be friends for a little bit. Shit happens