I really don't understaaaand?

Why does he ask for a Date and seems to be interested but only texts back a few days til a week later and hasn't arranged a Date?


What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he's confused and not sure about dating you and or it could be possible he found someone else.

    • its also possible that he's really shy.

    • He is very Confident. I don't inderstand why he asked for a Date but now doesn't respond anymore...

    • it could be possible that after texting you he realize that he's not that interested in you or found anyone else interesting more than you

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he doesn't like texting. There's nothing worse than spending a week texting and then getting on the date and finding you have nothing to talk about because you texted it all.

    If I'm in the dating stages and say its Saturday and the date is next Saturday I wouldn't expect anything other than a text on maybe the Thursday to arrange a time and place for the date and maybe one other day of the week, like the tueday, just a quick 'hey how is your day going?' convo. I find it weird if they text me every day... like creepy weird.