Is it an immoral thing to stay over at your boyfriend's house?

So let help me shed some light on this topic because it is making me feel really confused and troubled. So I live with my younger sister and my parents stay in another country. I am 24 years old and I recently started my first real relationship with my current boyfriend. We have been together for 5 months so far. I go over to his place to hang out, have pizza, watch movie and stay the night because he works full time and doesn't have time to meet up out of office hours. He rents a room in a communal house with other people who he doesn't know, its like one of those student housings. So we have the room to ourselves and am respectful about not disturbing anyone else.

So the main problem is, my sister hates it when I sleep over at his place. She says that I am being disrespectful and I am throwing away my morals and am 'whoring' myself out almost every night. My sister and I grew up in a conservative family. I'm not as conservative as she is. She disapproves of me having a boyfriend, even when he visits or stops by to say hi to me at my apartment, she just greets him coldly. I don't like this and I wish that she would be able to open up and accept him and accept how thing is with me and him right now. I want her to stop being all 'Madonna' on me and calling me a 'slut' when I am really just in love and wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. Any thoughts or advice on this?


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  • Go ahead and sleep over. You are an adult.. Live your life.


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  • not immoral?


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  • Even without reading your description, no - it's not immoral in the slightest. You're an adult and he's your boyfriend.

    Your sister's judgement is unwarranted. She might feel a bit jealous.