What can I do? jealous sister?

My brother hates me for no reason and tries to gang my younger sister on me for no reason. She follows him, he is 31 and she is 21 and I am 23, she never wants to hear anything about my life and secretly competes with everything, I am the better looking and I do get a lot of attention from men, I can have anyone I want basically but I never even had a boyfriend, she cuts me out of her life and just enjoys her life without creating a sister bond, I know she will regret it down the line but no acts as if her life is the best and im just the sad sister with not many friends or boyfriend in life... what should I do, why is she so cold? I mean I would die to have an older sis like me, I never get jealous, im always supportive, always a listener and she just resents me.


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  • I think you should just distance yourself from her for now. It's not worth making an effort to have a relationship with someone who treats you poorly

    • Also, feel free to message me anytime if you have any other questions or you want to talk

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    • no I barely have any friends left

    • I think you should just stop talking to her and spending time with her. You should try to meet new people and make friends who actually appreciate you unlike your sister

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  • Just try to be friendly with her ! Maybe she's in a hard situation because she's feeling ignored by men which can really hurt her... try to hang out together , do shopping together , make her feel that she can be like you too... TRUST me , a sister is the perfect bestfriend you can ever have :)