I really like her do you guys thinks she likes me back?

Well this start a couple months ago she was a girl wrestler so she became a bro but then after the season ended we started hanging out together like a lot at breakfast lunch and in the hallways but she broke up with her boyfriend for good but has other guys trying to talk to her while I'm on FT with her and I told her. Not to talk to them and she cut them off but she barely flirts with me I don't know why I mean she'll call me cute once in awhile like on my tbh or when i got a hair cut. But when I tell her something like that she just says I'm lying or starts laughing. I'm going over her house this weekend but our friends are gonna be over there to and that's a whol mother story why they will fuck everything up but I'm thinking about telling her I like her I think she should know I do by now but she doesn't seem to seems very naive when I know she's not also she tells me about everything but acts a little DIFFRENT when we're around the team but when we're alone it's DIFFRENT we FT and text every single day now before it was like every other day but now Its every single day


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  • Hard to say. However, continue flirting her.


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