The person I fell for is completely different from the person I see now, what to do?

So I've been dating this guy and when we first met who he displayed is who I'm seeing now. Now he's this arrogant, cocky, disrespectful rude guy. And maybe he's always been that way and I didn't notice. Jokingly he told me today I should be happy to be in pressence, at least I presumed he was joking. I know that things are never like they were in the beginning but I'm just wondering what I actually fell for. There's no doubt I care for him and like I'm very much but it's certain aspects of his personality that really turn me off. I know he can be very sweet I've witnessed it. It's almost as if he's trying to turn me off. The person I met versus the person I know now are two different people. I want to have this conversation with him, but I'm afraid he will not want to participate.


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  • Positive vibes only. I'd confront him about it truthfully. And if he gives you a weenie response and says something to make it sound like you are the one who has changed how you see him. And he's not at fault at all. Dump him and move on.


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  • Find someone else, love should be like the movie a walk to remember, nice and genuine, simple and easy..


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  • Im going through the same thing right now...