Girls, Whats the difference between a guy friend, and a boyfriend?

How do they treat you differently? I've been confused why I have so many female friends but the few I have asked out don't want to be anything more than friends. So I want to know what it is that makes an man boyfriend material vs just friend material.

Guess the real question is, what makes the spark. I have asked guys this question and they just seem to act like ass holes. Mostly they encourage me to avoid getting to close. And don't be "to" nice.


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  • Guy friends are people that I can talk to and chill with. I consider someone boyfriend material if I feel a deeper connection with them. So a boyfriend is pretty much that one guy friend I want to be physically close to and share eveything with.


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  • A guy friend is just that, a guy friend. You hang out, just as you do any other friend. A boyfriend is a guy who you share romantic feelings with and do other things with that you wouldn't really do with friends, like kiss them.

  • well, i don't want to date any of my guy friends lol. no chemistry. i love to hang out and talk with them, but there are no sparks. wish i could give you a better answer.

    • What do you think makes the spark? His appearance? Something he says? Or something else?

    • not their appearance. most of them are pretty cute. i really don't know tbh... it's just missing something. i like talking to them so it isn't something verbal either lol.

  • I don't wanna sleep with my guy friends.