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Hey all! So my friend has been talking to me about me meeting one of her single friends and this weekend it finally happened at a bonfire. It seems that we’re both pretty quiet, but I’m curious to get some opinions on what to do. He did seem to end up everywhere I was, but never really attempted to get a number or anything. I was sitting around the fire with friends. He sat in front of me but facing me, so we chatted for a tiny bit and that was it. Later on one of my friends told me that she noticed that he kept looking at me, which I took as a good sign. At the end of the night, when I migrated to the kitchen, I could see him from from inside, facing my way towards the window from the bonfire then, not even 5 minutes later, he ended coming in, just standing there with me and my two other girlfriends. There was some more simple chatting but that was it. I work with the mutual friend. I really thought he was going to come in the next day because he was asking when we opened. He never ended up coming in that day. BUT he came in yesterday!!! I’ve never seen him there before, but the friend was working too. She seems surprised that he was there as well, but he said that he had to drop off a friend in town (he lives about 45 mins away). The thing is, when they were talking, I looked over multiple times and he was staring at me, and didn’t look away. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into things or what, because the mutual friend hasn’t mentioned anything since the bonfire. Should I just let him go and see what happens? I started following him on Instagram (he has a pretty established local musician so I don't think it would come off weird, but he hasn't followed back... so now I'm starting to question if that was a smart idea) Any opinions would be great!!


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  • First of all the guy likes you he's interested. Second is very shy and doesn't know how to approach you. Actually I took a course in this a at NYU. It was decided by all sorts of experiments and stuff that guys needed, "a hook." Something to come in on to appear legitimate that did not look like a come on. An example, "I see you're also interested in bicycles or whatever." So the real question is are you interested in him enough that you will provide that hook and then see if he bites. I would go to one of his local band stuff whatever he does. When he sees you he will have his hook to go over to you, the commonality being music.

  • My experience = When men like you they really make it known :P

    • The aggressive ones yes. Staring at this young lady is the best this musician could do

    • @KattFeesh (smiling) I always seem to attract the "aggressive ones" which is also the exact type I like, and did preface my post with "my experience".

      Peace xo