Are the girls on tinder for real?

I just registered on Tinder and I wanna give internet dating a second chance. I've been catfished in the past from creepy gay men and cross dressers. I noticed a lot of girls on there have the description that says "if you're looking to date or hook up, move on." I mean what the hell? Isn't it a dating app? Only one girl and I had a match so far, but I detected she was a bot, because it didn't feel like it was a person replying to my instant message. Is Tinder like every dating site that has a 9:10 Man:Woman ratio?


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  • Most girls on Tinder are real, but there are many bots too. It's easy to spot them though, cause once you match, they'll initiate and will ask you to click on a link and/or text certain number.
    Most girls don't text first, obviously, so that's a good indicator that they're not fake. But don't instantly assume that every girl that initiates is fake, like I said, fake ones are super easy to spot.

    Many girls have the "not looking for a hookup" in their description, but in many cases it's not true, they just don't wanna appear easy.
    If you want a long term relationship, Tinder isn't the best, cause most people there just wanna fuck.

    • Pretty much but most importantly they only want the top 1% of men. Rich, attractive, tall etc.

    • @loveskittens Nah, not really. They want an attractive guy (obviously) who can get her panties wet with words. If you can do that, they'll invite you to their place, or come to yours, in less than a week.

    • Thanks for the MHO


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  • Not necessarily. Some people use it in order to date. Others even use it in order to make friends.


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  • It's real but with a lot of scammers, liars and fakes.

  • Chicks on tinder are good for banging but not good for a long-term relationship. The type of chick that goes on to tender is not the type that you would want a long-term relationship with. So you use tinder to bang but for something more serious look elsewhere.