Am I wrong to feel like this?

i have been with my boyfriend for around a year and a half. i have a weird feeling he's cheating. We have pretty much always been long distance and we used to see each other every weekend, there was a lot of effort being put into our relationship. But for the past few months, he's been really distant. It will get to the point that sometimes I won't see him for a month or two straight. Or he can go a really long time without calling or texting me. All this gets to me but what really makes me worry about cheating is we have never had sex. When we first started to develop a little bit of a sexual relationship in the first few months all he ever wanted was sex, but we just could neer find the right time for it. he won't ever ask for it now. He asks for head but never sex. am i over reacting?


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  • I do not think you are wrong to feel that way.. seen as it is long distance, and some guys do cheat.. some a lot, maybe you should just come and ask him.. if he is honest with you, there should be no problem for him to tell you.. but if he skirts around the question.. he may just lie to you, and tel you what you want to hear, I knew some guys that cheated on some of my women friends, they just lied when she confronted them.. no guy wants to get caught at this.. and it is very low of them to do this to a women.. hope all works out for you.. take care

  • I can understand but I am not sure what to say, maybe he is losing interest.


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  • I have a feeling he takes this very casually. Since its long distance, he has no intention to meet you in person and treat you like an official girlfriend. He is simply having a bit of fun, but online.

    He revealed his true intentions in the beginning, I think its pretty crystal clear what he wants from you. If he didn't officially label you his girlfriend, then there's nothing you can do to prove him guilty. Because he's just dating around, he can get sexts from other kinkier girls online. You dont want to stoop that low.

    Right now, I advise you to leave him if you're looking for a solid, real relationship. The world is a very big place, but your world is very small. You need to discover the rest.

    Trust me, time will change the way you feel about him.