Mixed signals help?

I met him online and we have scheduled a date he saw my pictures and hi liked me. He told he want me and i am beautiful. Generally he texted me more than me before the date. And day came we met in real life when he saw me i did let my hand to him for a handshake but he didn't handshake he hugged me and kiss my neck gently and we sit on a pub a while like 30 minutes. he was so nervous and super silent. And i thought that he didn't like me in real life maybe im not look like myself Like in my photos. i said i must go home and he walked with me on bus hugged me and Said 'see you' but then never texted me or called. if he's not into me why he kiss and hug me first?


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  • some guys a are unsure what they are suppose to on a first date , and I am one of them , I would of probably shake her hand at the meeting and hug and kiss on the neck or mouth when leaving.

    • Do you kiss a lady that you're not find phcsically attractive

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  • He may have been Being... Polite and a Gentleman.
    If he seems Disappointed and no word from him after the 'See you,' then he is still a 'Gentleman,' but Not just not Into you. And with him being a Nervous Nellie, he may even have thought you were Not Into him neither.
    Online dating is a Chance for Romance but One never Knows how it Goes... After the Curtain closes that night when coming out from behind the computer.
    For laughs and giggles, try Texting him as to "How are you?" See how that goes. Tell him you had a great time the other night, and you hope you both can do this again.
    Good luck. xx

    • Ok i will text him. Thank you

    • Okay, sweetie, and just wait to see if he gives you a reply and what kind of one, should he text back.. go from there. xx

  • Maybe he was just being friendly

    • İn my country (turkey) guys dont kiss friends on the neck and dont hug their belly