Passionete relationship, real love, ends in a very ugly, messy way. What do I do? Opinions?

Long story, short I'm the girlfriend and now a little about me. My relationships were nothing but sex on my side, all of them were inlove with me and I never gave a fuck about them or relationships as a whole. When I was compeletly done with dealing with people I don't care about, I met my boyfriend and fell inlove for the first time. He came from London to study medecine in my town, already been 2 years and he wasn't very happy, he felt lonely. I wasn't even attracted to him but his brains, free spirit, drumming and oh my god his good heart made me care about him so much. We were having fun out of this world, talking, getting stoned, popping pills and chilling haha. But I started seeing people were using him, I saw all the fake people around him out here in my town, he repeated second year, people were making fun of him at Uni, he does everything for everyone and because I'm straight forward and I hate people taking advantage of someone like him, I started opening his eyes to reality, stayed awake till 6am with him so that he studies and pass his exams and changed him a lot as a person, because I was there tru everything. I got his back 24/7. And when I started caring is when we started dating,1 month after and we've been together 1 yr and 2 months, we moved in together the third month. He took me places, we took drugs, we had sick times and we love eachother so much. Since we started hanging out from day 1, we've been together everyday and in my opinion here's why we got into this circle of arguing over petty sh*t, LITTERALY PETTY SH*T, we both can't control it, OR get out of it and the arguing becomes rough, then we're all good, then we argue again and it got to an end. We both ended up hitting eachother. I'm bruised he is too, it got very, very ugly. He wants to fix it, but I feel weird about it now. Any opinions of how this should work out?


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  • Both of you seem to be pretty much emotionally unstable, and a medical student taking drugs? that doesn't sound too good to me... move on and seek a relationship with someone who is well balanced, hitting each other is never a good sign if you ask me


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  • I think you should break up. You used violence against each other over and over again. This will never stop unless you terminate the relationship. Both of you are involved in a toxic relationship and you keep on harming each other. I don't think there is a way to fix it even if a professional gets involved.