Boyfriend is going away with female friends?

I am extremely stressed out :( my boyfriend's going on some uni leadership camp with 2 of his close female friends for a week and I'm really scared he's going to fall in love with them. He's known them for 1 year and me for 6 months. My boyfriend and I are best friends and he calls me everyday, when we hang out, we sleepover for 2-3 nights a week. He shows no sneaky behaviour with his phone/computer and shows me emails/texts when I hear a notification. I don't ask him but he shows me anyway cos he knows I'm insecure/untrusting sometimes.
Even though he isn't sharing a room with them I'm scared they're gna go and dress up in slutty pyjamas and seduce him or something. What do I do? Legit I'm really uncomfortable with all this but haven't said anything.


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  • You don't have any choice but to deal with it. Since you don't trust him this relationship is doomed

  • Unfortunately 1 year and 6 months is not exactly long enough to say 'They are only friends and that's all they will ever be' And I presume you guys haven't dated for more than 2 years either

    Based on that you have legit concerns, I do personally find it kind of interesting that he's going to some leadership camp with 2 'girlfriends'. Doesn't mean he will do anything but just interesting.

    Did he ask you if you wanted to join too?

    • Shiiiiit well that's worrying haha!! :( Yeah I'm concerned cos one of the girls is pretty manipulative. One time she bullied me by saying I'm not good enough for him then turned to him and cried, and said I was mean etc. but I apologised for nothing and we are good now. Anyway pissed off atm don't want to talk about it hahaha
      No he hasn't. But I know he doesn't spend more than 5 hours at a time with her and it's with other people too eg at uni. But we spend 3-4 days glued together at his house or mine. But I'm still worried lol

    • No worries lol. I do understand the situation and seen it before> I got the right questions and conclusions whenever you feel like talking about it more

      Until then sit back, unbutton a few buttons, pour a glass of wine and try and relax

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  • I am not going to lie and reassure you that everything is going to be fine. I'd be extremely worried and concerned if I was in your position as well. Why don't you join them as well?