What should I do after he says this?

"I am not sure what I want"
"I really like you lots, and I want to see you again, just when I have time"

(No silly responses please)...
He still calls me and texts me and still uses the nicknames he created for me daily.


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  • "Well when you do decide let me know IF I'm still single" then get on with your life. He wants to fuck with no commitments


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  • Yeah, unfortunately I think that means he does not want a commitment. So, if you can do the casual thing then you need to decide that. I personally cannot and am currently heartbroken because a casual relationship of course, ended, even though I absolutely knew it would, I am still not okay. It seems you do like him and probably don't though, so it sucks, but maybe let it go if it isn't for you and who knows, he might see what he's missing when you walk away.

    • Im already heartbroken at the change.. which prompted me to ask this question. What is your advice for me... im so confused with what to do now... esp since he keeps msging me... and using one if his nicknames for me... and calling

    • Well, you can try talking to him. He seems to really want to talk and communicate with you. Did he say those things because he you were talking about where things were going? If you haven't actually had a conversation about that you have to. It doesn't sound like he doesn't like you or not want to be with you. So ask for more clarity on that and see what he says and what you feel about what he says. If he doesn't want commitment, decide if you can really do that and be happy. BUT walk away if you really know in your heart that you can't handle not being committed. It will suck but be better in the long run. It will suck now or later, because eventually you will walk have to walk away.


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  • It appears to me that he wants to spend time with you , but is indesive about being in a committed relationship with you just now.

    • @JamieVardy9

      no , i won't message you. You are jumping on every girls opinion on G@G to ask them to message you.

  • I'd move on if I were you. It seems like you're sure of what you want but he's not sure. He'll figure it out soon enough if you keep your distance from him for a while.