Should I pull back from the relationship?

I'm a single lady in my early 40s, I met a guy in February a few years older. We started dating, and about 4/5 wks ago became a item. He's a nice guy, very popular, has a huge social life. I on the other hand do not. I was in a abusive relationship for many years, I finally left 3 years ago and have spent that time trying to heal and create better and stronger boundaries.
The problem is that I still feel very insecure and do have trust issues. He came on quite strong and recently sent me drunken text declaring his love. I don't believe you can feel that way in such a short space of time.
I haven't gone into massive detail with him about my ex but he knows he was abusive to me.
I'm feeling like I need to pull back somewhat, as its maybe to early in the day to try and explain how I feel.


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  • Yeah you should. I can understand how are you feeling.


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  • You should! it sounds like there's a side he's hiding from you.


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  • Go with your feelings but be honest with him so he knows where he stands. Just say you need a bit of space but still want to see him (if you do?). Does he get drunk often? Drunk text declaring love so early is a bit of a concern lol

  • Why would you pull back? If you're having fun, you go all in


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